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What Are Web Trolls?

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What Are Web Trolls?

Get to know all about web trolls and why you need to know them better.

If you have ever tried voicing out an opinion online, it’s very likely that you will ruffle some feathers. Sharing an opinion online can spark a conversation and perhaps enable you to look at things from a whole new perspective. But things can also get nasty, especially when an Internet troll comes into the picture.

What is a Web Troll?

These are basically online commenters who seem to have a lot of time on their hands dedicated to “trolling” people. This means that they put an effort in riling up readers by making completely offensive, politically incorrect comments. Some would even go so far as to harass you.

Web trolls come with different specialties. Some will want to engage you in a never-ending debate, others will just insult you to no end. There are also those who are know-it-alls, spammers, propagandists, sensitive Susans, negative Nancys, and grammar Nazis. You’ll also find trolls who will only want you to hurt yourself or to hurt you specifically, among so many others.